Sunday, 26 May 2013

Karel Capek Tea Tin - giveaway!

So, I read that you should write about things you love in your blog...I also read that you should stick to one subject, but that I can't do sorry :D  Oh and you probably aren't supposed to use laughing faces and the amount of exclamation marks that I do, but hey I'm going to be myself here!  Perhaps over time a topic that I can focus on will evolve naturally, but for now I'm just going to chat away about random things that I feel passionate about.

Therefore, with things I love in mind, for my second post I've decided to share my love of Karel Capek - not the Czech writer, but the tea that is named after him by the wonderful illustrator and children's author - Utako Yamada.  

I can't remember how I first came across her illustrations, but it was love at first sight.  I managed to find a shop online, long since closed down, that sold a few of the tea tins, so snapped them up.  I started with a collection of just 3 tea tins.  It took me a while to track down the website but when I did I wanted everything!  There's not just tea tins there either, check out the cute mugs, cookies  and even a yearly calendar, to name just a few!  Sadly they don't ship direct out of Japan, but I live in hope they will one day.  You can use an international shipping site to buy and ship them for you, but I refuse to pay the fees!  However, I've been really lucky over the years and have had the opportunity to buy some from fellow collectors I've met online and even luckier to have been gifted some tins and other Karel Capek illustrated items from some wonderful friends in Japan.

My first 3 tea tins
The tea tins make great props for photos, like this one I used to help show off my homemade biscuit sandwich for Flickr!
I have 38 at the moment -I've given a few of them away as gifts. Most of them I acquired empty as the tea makes them heavy to ship, but I have been lucky enough to have some with the tea inside and it was delicious! I think the Welcome tea tins above maybe my absolute favourites in my collection, as they have such cute designs and are also in lovely pastel colours, but I have lots of other favourites too!

Just a few of my other favourite tins
I know that a lot of my online friends have admired my collection and so as they are so hard to get hold of and as a thank you for supporting my new blogging hobby I'm going to 2 away to 2 lucky readers!  So all you have to do is leave me a comment suggesting what I put in a future blog post.  I will choose the 2 suggestions that I'd most like to blog about and announce the winner in my next blog post.  It might be a photo from my Flickr/ipernity pages that inspires you, or anything you fancy!  I am excited to see your suggestions. 
The prizes! You will win either the Caramel tea or Pancake tea tin


  1. Hello Rach ! Your collection is really amazing ! I love the tins with the pink bunnies, but they're all adorable !
    Why wouldn't you talk about Miriana's tinies in a future post ? I love those adorable tiny creatures and you just make fabulous photos with them !
    Good night dear friend !

  2. These tins are adorable. I always love to see your photos, and I have always enjoyed when you share bits of your collections in your home. I would love to see a post about your favorite spots in your home, whether it be due to the items you keep there or the aesthetics. I look forward to your future posts!

  3. Abby and Denise, thanks so much for the great suggestions and such positive feedback on my photos, it's made me really happy today! :) xx

  4. Rach - your blog is so lovely! Those tins are so cute and I love the intricate drawings on them. My suggestion is, as we're both such huge cat lovers, how about 'A Day in the Life of Dexter'? Follow him round and take pictures of what he gets up to, and post from his POV :)

  5. Rach, I love these tins so much and want to start collecting them. Thank you for the giveaway! You are sooo sweet! I would love to see a blog post about all your little "toys". Takochu, Sonny Angels, Japanese toys, etc.... I love them but just really don't know enough about what's out there. And suggestions about how to use them. I have the Takochu but am kinda stumped for ways to use them in my Blythe photos. xoxoxo

  6. Oh, yeah..... I'm Christine Brunell, fortydollywinks. :) I can't keep up with all the names. If you pick me, please contact me on BK or at :) Thanks Love!

  7. I love the tins, what adorable illustrations :)I would love to read about your Miriana doll collection and other handmade dolls you might have?
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. Hello Miss Rachel!
    You know I love your tins and have even asked where you have gotten them! I love reading about your kitty Mr. Dex!!! He is so handsome. I love reading about everything you have to write! Keep up the great job sweetie!
    (Wolfmom2ac on flickr)

  9. They are beautiful.. And welcome to blogging! (Your blog can be anything you want it to be!)

  10. I would love to read more about all your wonderful re-ment & the Kawaii pieces that you collect! I love anything with a cute smiley face on it! >_<

  11. I remember I learned of these tins from your flickr, they're so adorable! In the future I'd really love to see your wishlists and what some of your favorite toys are in your collections

  12. Make sure it is a pleasure and not obligation to write. As for topics , hm , it should be something that is interesting to you, books you read, things you watch, places you visit, the small things that catch your attention, making stuff, cooking :), flowers. Just some general thoughts that come to my mind.And your collection is lovely !

  13. goodness, I wish I had realised how hard it was going to be to choose and with so many of the same suggestions it's going to be harder....... I think next competition the random number generator is the way to go :D
    Thanks so much for your suggestions, I will keep the competition open until tomorrow evening (Tuesday) and announce the winners in a new post.
    I hope you are all enjoying your week!

  14. Oops too late for the giveaway, but would love to see more of the places you frequent in Cornwall and all your lovely collections in your home :)

  15. Oh sorry you missed it too Sara! thanks for the suggestions, showing more of where I live is a great way to get me out of the house and away from the computer for a while :D

  16. OMG, I just came across this as I've been looking for cute tea tins to store some of my loose leaf teas! I'm sooooooooo obsessed right now and I must get my hands on some of these tins and teas! Let me know if you might be interested in selling some of them or trading some of them. I make miniature sweets jewelry on my etsy store - If you want to any jewelry pieces to trade let me know or want anything in the US that you can't get over there let me know too!! I love your blog by the way!! =)

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for dropping by and your positive comments about my blog x I will have a think about your proposal ;)