Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Giveaway winner!

It seemed like such a good idea at the time, but now I feel so mean not being able to give everyone who took the time to leave a comment a tin and with comments being left by friends I feel uncomfortable choosing... so Perhaps next time I'll use the random number generator, I am too sensitive for this :D

All the suggestions were really great and I would enjoy blogging about them all.  I am so overwhelmed that anyone has taken the trouble to make comments on my blog and hope this continues on my posts without giveaways ;)

The first winning suggestion is from Siouxsie and was to blog about my wishlists.  I picked this because blogging about my wishlists on my blog would mean that there is more room for just my photography on Flickr and would not just be a repeat of something on there. It is also something that I could make a regular post, which made it stand out from the other suggestions and lastly I now have an idea for my first wishlist post, so it has inspired me a lot!
Thank you Siouxsie - as the first winner you get to choose which tin you'd prefer :)

The second winning suggestion was to blog about my Miriana doll collection.  I am so in love with them and admire Miriana's work so much, it would be such a pleasure to share my collection and to promote Miriana's work here.  I would love a reason to take some more photos of them, so as Abby suggested this first you get the second tin.  Thank you Abby....but, as Cosima also suggested this I am going to find a tin for you also because that feels like the right thing to do!

Please would Siouxsie (with your choice of tin), Abby and Cosima email me your addresses to and I will pop your tins in the post to you next week.

I plan to do some more giveaways and if I discover somewhere you can get hold of these elusive tins more easily I will share with you!

Thanks again for supporting my blogs :) xx


  1. Don't feel bad , Rach.
    I will come and visit to see what you are posting next :)

  2. Oh wow ! That's the very first time I win something in a blog giveaway !!!!! How exciting !!! Thank you so much Rach, I feel so honoured ! and I wish to congratulate Siouxie and Cosima too, yeah !!!!
    Thank you again dear friend ! Have a very nice day !

  3. Thanks so much for your support Miriana :) xx

    Abby, email received and thanks again to you! :) xx

  4. I can't wait to see your posts about both of these ideas! Congrats to the winners =)

  5. Oh! I am so happy you picked my suggestion! Thank you so much!! I can't wait to read about your handmade dolls. You are so generous! I will e-mail you now. Thank you again :) xxxx

  6. Thanks so much for your support Denise, I am going to do a wishlist post next which I've almost finished drafting! :) xx

    Hi Marta (I thought you were called Cosima...silly me!) thanks again for the great suggestion :) xx

  7. Omg I can't believe I won! Will message you shortly, sorry I'm just now seeing this! Thanks so much!

  8. Congrats Siouxsie, got your message :) xx