Friday, 14 February 2014

6 things - Instagram

It's Valentine's Day and for me it's a nightmare day as I have been single for about 8 years!  There seems to be no escape, even with not being in work today (I've had a week's holiday).  Everywhere I look, TV, Internet, even talking to family the big day has been mentioned.  So, apologies to all you loved up folks out there, but this post is just an everyday non romantic post.  Here's hoping next year I'll be joining you all in celebrating *crosses fingers*.

For those who don't follow me on Instagram (I'm hellorach - not sure how to link!), I thought I'd share some of my latest uploads.  I am a late comer to Instagram, but love it so much because you can just take a quick phone snap ( I have an iphone), whack a filter on it (I just use the Instagram filters) and upload it!  I don't know about you, but I take a lot more care about my Flickr uploads, thinking much more about the quality of the photo and the followers I have on Flickr.  On Instagram I feel I can share all aspects of my life and it feels less rude to just 'like' a photo and not comment if you have nothing to say, than on Flickr!

So, here are 6 of my most recent uploads with notes underneath...I kind of like this as it's kind of what I've been up to this week on leave...which isn't a lot as we are experiencing the worst rain and winds for years in the UK!

1. My no.1 man and hairy Valentine Mr Dextycat!  Took a snap as he was looking a little grumpy and neglected as he likes to sit on my lap ALL the time, but sometimes I do have to drag myself out of the chair and do some housework and eat (to be honest I haven't done much more than that this week!).

2. I had to put my car in to be repaired this week because it has been making the most scary and embarrassing screeching noises for weeks.  I have been ignoring it hoping it would go away (yes, story of my life!), but it has been getting worse and with the huge puddles (or in some cases lakes) I've been having to drive through just to get out of my village, I thought I must finally get it sorted and now it is I feel so relieved! Anyway, this is a photo of Holli (my daughter) and no.3 is a photo of my mum (Val) who I spent the day with while my car was being fixed as I would have been stranded at the garage for hours without my lovely mum coming to take me out for the day in her car! We were having lunch in M&S (Marks and Spencer) in these photos.

3. As above really! Just to add the choc chip cookie Holli had was totally delish!

4. I have totally gone nail crazy lately.  I think it's partly because everyone seems to be nail crazy, partly because nail varnish is pretty cheap and it's a great way to liven up my otherwise mostly grey work wardrobe and finally because it's been fun nail varnish shopping with Holli!  She often comes to stay on a Saturday and we go shopping for new colours in the day and then do our nails in the evening.  Last week I tried out some Ombre nails (gradient) nails on's harder than it looks and I need a bit more practice :D
This colour is 'milkshake' by Topshop and it's a really lovely baby pink colour and at £5 isn't bad for the perfect pink and I'll be wearing this a lot!

5.  I just LOVE this lip balm!  I follow a lot of beauty blogs online and seen all the hype around these Maybelline Baby Lips balms, but wasn't at all bothered about trying them as I don't get dry lips and mostly wear the same colour lipstick everyday (it's by Benefit and has been discontinued and I feel panicky every time I think about it!), but it was half price in my local Sainsbury's store and the bright pink and orange packaging of this one really caught my eye, so found myself adding it to my grocery shop.  It really is such a fantastic colour and much more pigmented than I was expecting!  It is a lovely rosy pink colour and I find I am using it over my lipstick when it starts to wear off as I don't need a mirror.  Bonus is it smells and tastes of cherries!  I will be buying some more of the same colour as like all good things for some unknown reason they seem to like to discontinue them.  Thinking about it I could do a whole blog post on products I love that have been discontinued! The link takes you to Boots where they are 3 for 2 at the moment.

6. Last, but not least these panda sweets by Haribo were a great find at the pound store!  I've only been in this shop a few times in my life.  I am very dubious about the pricing, as although there are some great bargains to be had - we saw Calvin Klein cosmetics and Sally Hanson nail polishes to name just a couple of brands for a £1!!!! I went there specifically to look for a light bulb and found it!  So to get exactly what I was looking for and then these cute and tasty sweets as well made me very happy!  They are vanilla and blueberry flavour...or perhaps I should say were, as they are long gone!

Well there you have it, kind of my week on Instagram.  Hope you enjoyed it and have had a good week :) xx


  1. Hi Rachel, lovely photos ! Dextycat is so cute ♥ and Holy is so beautiful. Your mum looks very sweet.
    I understand how you feel about being single, before I met my husband I remained alone for a very long time and thought it would be forever. But you know, I'm sure you'll soon meet the right person, the one for you ;)
    I didn't know there were Haribo Pandas !!! I'm going to look for them in our supermarkets, my daughter Jennifer love pandas (and manatees !!!).
    Have a very fine Sunday my dear friend. Love and hugs to you.

  2. Hi Abby! thanks so much for the lovely comments xx It's always lovely to hear from you, your story makes me hopeful that one day I will find someone one day! BIG hugs to you too xx

  3. i didn't know you had created a blog! I'm going to get some Baby Lips next time I'm at Target, thanks for the tip ;) xoxo amy

  4. Aw, your cat is adorable and Valentine's Day is overrated anyway! :)

  5. Hi Amy and Candy Pop thanks soooo much for visiting my blog! I have to admit I haven't even checked for comments as I didn't expect any! it means a lot that 2 such talented ladies came for a look. I really should try and blog regularly. Must do better! :) xx

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