Sunday, 9 February 2014

9 things - kitchen

I've posted this up on Flickr, but it's so long since I've done a blog post that I thought I'd stick it up here too!

Not been posting up much lately on Flickr and no dolly inspiration, so as I'm sitting on the laptop in my kitchen, this idea came to me!

1.  I have a whole shelf of cookery books, I have to admit I haven't tried out half the recipes in them, but I get inspiration from them and some of them have a lot of stuff to read in them as well as the recipes!

2. My dad died a few years ago from leukaemia - this little corner of my kitchen has his photo and 2 little Matthew Rice boxes I bought for him, one of which now contains some of his ashes - the rest have been scattered.

3. My kitchen table - I would hate to have a kitchen without room for a table.  It's often the warmest room in the house when the oven is on and where I sit to use my laptop and have meals with family when they are over.  The Cath Kidston mushroom stuff was presents for Christmas and I love white pepper on my lunches -  so unfashionable, but I don' t care! - so I need a pepper pot for it and these couldn't be cuter!

4. I have run out of cupboard space now, so keep my plates and bowls on shelves in the kitchen, I have a real thing for crockery and these stacks are all Emma Bridgewater and Cath Kidston.

5. I have some Eames style coat hooks in the kitchen for my bag collection (the bright multi coloured balls one, but at a bargain price of just £5)...I'm not really a bag person, so it's pretty modest, I just can't be bothered to swap the contents over!  The real ones are available here.

6. More plates and bowls, the cat ones are by Disaster Designs and there's also a matching egg cup...designed for kids, but we care not a jot about that eh ;)

7. Just a random shot of the dishwasher :D  I have a mini dishwasher that is suitable for just 1 or 2 people...I wouldn't have bothered buying one as I live on my own, but it was my mum's and so I inherited it when she got a new bigger one.  I don't use it everyday, but it's really handy when I've an extra lot of dishes :)

8. I LOVE my terribly unfashionable mug tree :D  I've shown it before with the mugs on, but they are all in the wash today!  I got it from John Lewis and each mug HAS to go on the right hook!  Yes, I'm a little bit OCD ;)

9. Last but not least, I also have a real thing for tea towels!  I have a whole stack of Cath Kidston tea towels, there's just something about a nicely ironing pile of them, they get lovely and soft as they get older and it's a cheap way of bringing some pretty prints into the kitchen :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this, it was kind of fun and I think I'll do one for the living room next.  Hope you've had a good weekend :) xx


  1. As always lovely patterns and colors :)

  2. Hi Miriana, thanks so good to know at least one person is looking at my blog :D I hope you've had a great weekend :) xx

  3. Lovely to see you blogging again! I also adore the CK mushroom print!

  4. Thanks so much Candy Pop! I really love the older CK prints, but one or 2 new ones come along like this one that really excite me! My latest fav is the budgies print, it's perfect! thanks so much for dropping by my little old and neglected blog! :) xx