Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wishlist - Orla Kiely

So... blog about things you are passionate about eh, well that's easy when one of my favourite designers Orla Kiely brings out lots of pink and green for summer 2013!  What's not so easy is the fact I am so penniless at the moment, it's pure torture :D

This is the first of my 'wishlist' posts as suggested by Siouxsie.  Thanks again Siouxsie!

I am just loving the new pink and green melamine picnic range for summer 2013 by Orla Kiely. Pink and green is one of my favourite colour combinations and it combines some great patterns that really compliment each other so well - 'Giant Pear', 'large Wallflower' and 'Linear Stem'.  My favourite here is the stacking storage bowls, but at £44.95 they are a bit of a luxury item for a picnic...for me at least!

I'm wishing for some more of my favourite fragrances too.  I love 'Rosie' it's a limited edition which is a real shame as I have no idea how long it will be around.  I just have an empty bottle at the moment, so have a sniff every now and then!  I love the peppery notes, it makes it really unique. 

My favourite scent for the home is 'basil and mint'.  I always have a diffuser on the go in my bedroom.  It's such a subtle, fresh and unique fragrance.  I'm wishing for a candle in the same fragrance!
I'd love to add these cushions to my sofa in shades of mustard and grey
and finally I love the new 'Buttercup' version Pure Evoke Mio DAB radio!  I have a Pure One Mini in my bedroom in white, so couldn't really justify the price tag of £150 for this one, no matter how pretty it is....where IS that much needed Lotto win :D

My favourite places to window shop online for Orla Kiely:
Official Orla Kiely Store
Orla Kiely at John Lewis
Orla Kiely at Heals
Wallpaper at Harlequin

and of course for those bargains it's always worth keeping an eye out on Ebay!

I am also super lucky to have a really wonderful local shop Illustrated Living in Truro (Cornwall) that stocks a really big range of Orla Kiely and some other really great British and Scandinavian designers too.  As you can see they also have an online store, but I will always choose the real life experience of shopping over internet shopping, not least because I like to see colours in real life.  I am hoping to do a post all about the shop in the future.  It's so good to have somewhere in Cornwall that actually stocks Orla Kiely at last - no shipping costs!

Are you a fan of Orla Kiely?  What's your favourite on my wishlist?  What's on your wishlist?  Any feedback on my post would also be gratefully received, too long/short, interesting?  Would you have liked any other information to be included?

I hope you are having a great week...I'm lucky enough to be on leave this week, but if you're not, don't work too hard ;)


  1. I love that first plate with the green and pink pears.You got me curious with those perfumes.How does one buy them on the internet without knowing the smell :)

  2. Oh great choice Miriana, I love that one too!

    My opinion would be to never buy perfume over the internet without knowing the smell, not just because you might not like the smell, but more because perfumes smell different on different people, they seem to react differently on different skin....I used to love the smell of Opium on my mum, but when I tried it on myself it smelt so different and I've found this with perfumes my friends have worn too. I think if this wasn't the case and you could afford to make a mistake you can learn which perfume you'd most likely like by taking careful note of the description and the ingredients used. I knew I would love both of Orla's perfumes from the description - both have natural rose in for the feminine side, but then more unusual additions like fig, black pepper and coriander to make them more unusual and not too girly :)
    I guess I haven't really given you an answer here...but this is my opinion :) xx

  3. I didn't know Orla Kiely until I read this post ! The design looks very 70's like !
    I love the glass next to the pear plate ! It looks fabulous !
    thank you for making me know this designer, is she (he ?) from Britain ?
    Have a nice day dearest Rachel. Love and hugs.

  4. I love orla too, and would love to get my hands on some wallpaper one day. I had such fun looking at her stuf when I was visiting in the UK. The only thing I have managed to get my hands on here are some notebooks and hand soap (on a brand named Method) which I really like. That diffuser is so cute!

  5. I have seen some of her things in the Target stores here. I think there is a home goods line that she has partnered with and every time I see the products I want to buy everything!

  6. Abby, you are spot on, I would describe Orla's style as retro with a modern vibe. She's from Ireland. You can click on her name on my post where it's shown in blue to follow a link to find more about her (I hope these links are working!) She's quite pricey, so these days I admire rather than buy :) xx

    Sara, the wallpaper is striking isn't it and there's such a good range. We can't get the Method stuff in the UK so you're really lucky! :) xx

    Ah Denise, if only we had Target in the UK, I am always seeing stuff that people post from that store and amazed that there is such nice stuff that is also so cheap, you are lucky having that store :) xx

  7. Thank you for the info Rach ! I've just had a look at some different parts of the store website, some items are great ! I love the car park mug !! Have a nice day dearest friend.

  8. The radio is so pretty! Actually I love everything :)

  9. Thanks Abby and Cosmia...your tins are finally on there way to you ;) xx

  10. Yep, I think my wish list looks much the same as yours.. :)

  11. mine is constantly growing.... :D