Sunday, 16 June 2013

Made by Miriana

I'm so happy to introduce you to my little family of tiny handmade creatures by Miriana! This blog post topic was suggested by Abby and Cosima, thank you! :) xx

The parade
My little family created by Miriana

As you can see I'm so lucky to have a big and varied collection - 2 kitties (and their tiny kitties), a ballerina bunny, a heat doll and a rainy doll.

I can't remember now how long it is that I have known about Miriana and her talent for making little handmade dolls, kitties, bunnies and other creatures, but I am so thankful I discovered her.  Not only are her creations so cute and full of personality, but the way she photographs them is wonderful and make me smile, I am always waiting for her next photo on Flickr and blog post! 

I was thinking of doing an little interview with Miriana for this post, but sadly someone just beat me to it and I think their's is so good there is no point repeating can read it here Q&A with Miriana

You can follow Miriana at Facebook, Flickr and some other places too, all of which are linked on the Dollitude Blog you can buy her little creatures and brooches here
2 of my favourite of Miriana's photos on Flickr are this one  - isn't that a photo you wish you'd been lucky enough to capture! and this one -  I just love stripes and one of my little dollies is in the photo too! 
My biggest regret is not being able to bring home the most delightful little pink elephant that was available in Miriana's Etsy Shop it was love at first sight, but I had to wait until I had been paid before I could bring it was there for a while and then right before I got paid it got snapped up :(  I guess it just wasn't meant to be eh!
Here is some more about my collection...
The hand painted boxes are as wonderful as the little doll inside!
Sometimes they arrive with little teeny tiny friends of their own!

They like to find little places to hide..
 and peep out of!
Sometimes they go back and hide in their boxes for a while
 but sometimes they like to hop in your pocket for a trip out!
 They like to hang out together..
 but also enjoy time on their own, finding a warm coffee cup to lean on
I hope you enjoyed meeting my little Miriana family and please go and check out Miriana's Flickr and Blog!

Ballerina Bunny


  1. Awww,thank you so much Rach <3
    I was wandering where were you, glad you are back.Lovely new week to you!

  2. Hello!!!! So glad you came to see my blog post about you :))))) I just realised a link was not working, but have fixed it now. Sometimes I just can't motivate myself to take a photo or write here :D Wishing you a lovely week too and of course looking forward to seeing your next creations :) xx

  3. Thanks so much Sioux, I think everybody needs a little one of Miriana's treasures, they are so super cute! :) xx

  4. Waww this is such an impressive collection ! I love all those tiny and cute creatures, they are colourful, happy, beautiful and they immediately bring a smile on my face each time I see them ! You must find a certain happiness living with them, right ?! Miriana's work is amazing ! I love the picture with the mug, it is so cute ♥
    Thanks so much for this post Rachel ! I love it !
    Have a very nice day, and a happy week-end !
    Love and hugs to you xxx

  5. Thanks so much and I'm so glad you enjoyed this post! You are so right, they make me very happy, I often just get them out of their little boxes to look at them :) I hope you've had a great weekend :) xx

  6. They are completely adorable! :)

  7. Thanks so much for dropping by...I am such a big fan of your blog and your taste in everything! These little ones are wonderful aren't they, I really must get another blog post sorted, but the problem is I've discovered so many I enjoy reading since I've joined in that I spend far too much time reading everyone else's blogs!

  8. My list of blogs is endless too ;)

  9. So glad you liked the interview - Miriana was very generous in answering my many questions! :) I so enjoy her work.

  10. I loved reading this! Your favorite Miriana photos are adorable too.